Nerdy Miss Wellness: 10 Reasons to Start Meditation 20 July 2014

Self-Care Sunday: 10 Reasons to Start Meditating

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Welcome to the new Self-Care Sunday series. Every Sunday, I’ll be sharing a tidbit of Nerdy wisdom you can use to start cultivating a self-care routine that is incredibly and uniquely yours.

For the last few Sundays in July, we’re going to be focusing on ways to cultivate awareness, and what better way to do that via meditation? Meditation is a great way to begin your self-care practice–it can open up so many doors to who you are and how you perceive the world around you.

With that, I give you 10 Reasons to Start Meditating!

1. Understanding Your Body

Many people walk around with this sense of not being physically aware of their bodies. Meditation helps you to cultivate more awareness in your body: when you’re nervous, do you find that you don’t take in as much air? Do you walk around life with tense shoulders? What parts of your body are you sending too much energy to and how can you balance it out? Meditation can help.

2. Control Your Emotions

We all have our moments where we feel like we’re on an emotional roller coaster. One minute we feel great, the following like a nebulous blob being sucked into a black hole. Meditation helps you to get out of your head feel comfortable with being in the present. 

3. Become Clearer with Your Feelings and Needs

Once you’ve got a handle on controlling your emotions, you can begin to express your feelings and needs more clearly–to yourself, to your loved ones, to anyone. Not many people are able to do this in our society, so having this skill is truly a nerdy gift.

4. Things Don’t Get to You

Since meditation focuses on the present and letting go, you eventually get to a point where you just don’t give a shit about what people think. You mind begins to resemble running water–fresh ideas coming in, stale ideas going out–so you simply don’t have time or energy to linger on frivolous shit!

5. Feel Happier

Letting go of the fear of being judged and the self-deprecating act of judging others brings you to a place of so much happiness and peace.

6. More Confidence

Meditation affirms that you’re a magnificent being in a human vessel with the ability to do anything you so desire. You’ll start to notice a quiet confidence in everything you do.

7. More Tolerance

People are people. And they’re trying to do anything in this world to survive–and so are you. As your meditation practice becomes more regular, you’ll become more open-minded and accepting.

8. Greater Insight

Having trouble getting past any of the levels in Super Mario Bros. The Lost Levels? Meditation can provide insight to some of life’s most trying problems. (I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gotten creative inspiration or released a mental block within after a meditation session).

9. Develop a Routine

Humans love stability! And 10 minutes of meditating a day is a great way to encourage yourself to create a positive, new habit.

10. Do it Anywhere

Meditation can be done anywhere! ‘Nuff said.


Sending lots of nerdy love,



Nerdy Miss Wellness Show: Episode #3 – The Copycat

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Yesterday, I had the beautiful Diana Chin on the Nerdy Miss Wellness show. We spoke about what it means to be a copycat, living authentically and living your truth.

Diana is the owner of Red Lotus Designz, a handmade shop that specializes in pop culture, inspirational and photo jewelry & accessories.

Founded by Diana & Ron Chin in 2011, they are a husband and wife duo who love to combine their tech and creative backgrounds into wearable pieces of art. Their mission is to create affordable jewelry & accessories to those who want to channel their inner heroes and feel zen about it. You can visit them at to purchase their premade items and to request a custom order.

Check out Episode 3 of the Nerdy Miss Wellness Show here:

Hope you enjoy the show! :]

Sending lots of nerdy love,



Nerdy Finds (16 July 2014)

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Every Wednesday, I post my Nerdy Finds–awesome goods I’ve discovered while scouring the Internet that you’ll definitely want to look into, or read up on.

Oh and got a recommendation?

I love those! Shoot me an email with something cool you want to be featured on the next Nerdy Finds.


This week, we’ve got 5 awesome categories:

  1. Comics I / The Batgirl Redesign
    • This makes me so happy! Batgirl is no longer weepy, depressed and oversexualized–her outfit actually makes sense for fighting crime. *gets so many cosplay ideas in brain* 
  2. Comics II / Thor is a Lady!
    • Thor is now the Goddess of Thunder and she’s so badass. I feel like this is a victory for women, so there just had to be two comic slots taken up.
  3. Tech / Google’s Contact Lenses
    • Smart contact lenses–an alternative for Google Glass. Kind of cool and scary all at the same time…
  4. Food / BLT Spring Rolls
    • I try not to eat too much meat–makes me feel sluggish, but OMG. I feel like this is totally one of those moments where I can be like, “Give me all the baconz plx.”
  5. Home / Homemade Household Cleaner
    • If you can forgo the toxic chemicals in your household cleaners (especially if you have kids) and make your own, it’s totally worth it. And this smells like lemons!

Until next week! Sending you Lots of Nerdy Love,



Nerdy Miss Wellness Show: Episode #2 – Renewal

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Yesterday, I had the lovely Serena Andrews on the Nerdy Miss Wellness show. We spoke about Renewal and what it means to become a woman. Serena is the Dream Siren and Content Whisperer. Serena is a dear friend of mine who has a passion for travel, small business innovation, the lifestyles of independent artists and entrepreneurs, and escaping from the 9-5 paradigm. Serena is a true visionary and entrepreneur and she totally embodies who and what a Nerdy Miss is.

The biggest reveal was that I talked about my process and evolution for changing my business name from Nerdy Girl Wellness to Nerdy Miss Wellness–a symbol of me growing up. (No longer being a girl and becoming a woman.)

Check out the show here:

Current Lifestyle Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with Nerdy Miss Wellness on BlogTalkRadio

She did get cut off at the end, and there was a bit of this weird Darth Vader noise. So she wanted me to let you know that what she wanted to say was the following:

As a kid in choir and music camp, I was always working to harmonize and stand out at the right moments. In a group all the singers need to blend…as a soloist you need to stand out and soar above the music…deliver the message of the song.

I think when we are really young we have less fear of singing out – we don’t know what fear feels like yet, so we try.

We’ll create until culture tells us to stop.

As we come of age and society teaches many of us to pull back. A critical part of growing up is the ability to use your voice no matter what people say. To take “approval” with a grain of salt because you are speaking from a place of self-knowledge. You are sharing not searching.

Let me know what you think in the comments!

Sending lots of nerdy love,



Nerdy Finds (9 July 2014)

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Welcome to the newest addition to the Nerdy Miss Wellness family, Nerdy Finds.

Now you know that when it comes to nerdy, I like to define things a bit…differently.

“Being a nerd … it’s not about what you love. It’s about how you love it.” – Wil Wheaton

Wil, I couldn’t have said it better myself.

With Nerdy Finds, I scour the Internet to bring you some of the most awesome goods you’ll want to look into, or read up on. This literally manifested within my noggin only yesterday, so we’re a day behind, but let’s do this every Wednesday, shall we?

Oh and got a recommendation?

I love those! Shoot me an email with something cool you want to be featured on the next Nerdy Finds.


This week, we’ve got 5 awesome categories:

  1. Craft / DIY Notebooks
    • I LOVE to write. Yes, with an instrument in my hand. Yes, more than typing. So this is a really quick and fun project if you’re up to the task of making something beautiful and unique!
  2. Skin Care / Seaweed Scrub
    • Today’s radio show is all about renewal and change…what better way to renew than to exfoliate? If you’re not exfoliating regularly, we should talk…
  3. Food / Bibimbap
    • I made Korean bibimbap a few days ago. It looks terrible, but I swear it was delicious. Recipe to come! Oh, and if you don’t know what bibimbap is, get learned here.
  4. Décor / Himmeli Prism
    • These are freaking awesome! This is a DIY project and that seems like it’d be pretty quick, with a beautiful result for your home.
  5. Art / Superhero Art
    • Obsessed. Batman reaching towards Superman. It’s strangely erotic. In a good way. I’m going to stop there, go take a look.

Until next week! Sending you Lots of Nerdy Love,