Nerdy Miss Wellness Show #4 - Running on Empty

Nerdy Miss Wellness Show #4 – Running on Empty

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Episode 4 of the Nerdy Miss Wellness show debuted yesterday and we got a little heavy. I had the marvelous Leora Edut, founder of Goddess on the Go, on as a guest. Leora is the founder of Goddess on the Go, an empowering full day event meant to help women refill their empty tanks. I went to the last Goddess on the Go event here in NYC just this past Sunday and it truly was an incredible experience.

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Nerdy Finds for 23 July 2014

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It’s 23 July 2014 and this week’s Nerdy Finds are oh-so-good.

Healthy Dumpling shop opened in NYC, American artist Crystal Morey has a new exhibit called “Habitats Collide”, 3D Printing Pens are no longer a figment of your imagination, a Redesigned Bible is gorgeous, and John Oliver teaches us about the American Prison System…with Muppets.

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I love those! Shoot me an email with something cool you want to be featured on the next Nerdy Finds.

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Nerdy Miss Wellness: 10 Reasons to Start Meditation 20 July 2014

10 Reasons to Start Meditating

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Welcome to the new Self-Care Sunday series. Every Sunday, I’ll be sharing a tidbit of Nerdy wisdom you can use to start cultivating a self-care routine that is incredibly and uniquely yours.

For the two few Sundays in July, we’re going to be focusing on ways to cultivate awareness, and what better way to do that via meditation? Meditation is a great way to begin your self-care practice–it can open up so many doors to who you are and how you perceive the world around you.

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Nerdy Miss Wellness Show #3 – The Copycat

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Yesterday, I had the beautiful Diana Chin on the Nerdy Miss Wellness show and wee discussed what it means to be a copycat, and how to live your truth authentically.

In the Nerdy Miss Wellness world, there are two ways to look at the idea of The Copycat.

The Fearful Copycat: Someone who is so concerned about what others are doing and scared to do their own thing that they believe that if they can just find out what that successful person over there is up to, they’ll have the secret to success.

The False Copycat: Someone who is already living their truth and their message, but gets caught up in the fire and brimstone of accusations. “I saw so-and-so doing that, and you’re obviously copying them.”

Diana, owner of Red Lotus Designz, a handmade shop that specializes in pop culture, inspirational and photo jewelry & accessories, definitely knows what it feels like to be accused of being a copycat and shared her story with us.

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